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Lum & Abner

Airing from 1931 until 1954, Lum and Abner was a folksy rendering of small-town American life in the fictional town of Pine Ridge, based on the real Waters, Arkansas. Many of the characters were inspire by actual residents of Waters. In 1936, through an Act of Congress, Waters successfully petitioned to have its name changed to Pine Ridge.

The show always opened with the simple line, "And now, let's see what's going on in Pine Ridge." The main premise of the show was Lum and Abner conjuring up get-rich-quick schemes, and being hustled by swindlers, sometimes knowingly, other times not. Either way, they managed to scrape themselves out of trouble and all was well that ended well.

The show has had a revival of sorts. An active Lum and Abner Society still holds conventions, and a Lum and Abner Museum exists in Pine Ridge, Arkansas, complete with a replica of Lum and Abner's fictional Jot 'Em Down store. An annual Lum and Abner Festival is held in Lauck and Goff's hometown, Mena, Arkansas. The museum is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

There are 931 shows in our collection! Date Aired
X-Ray Pictures July 16, 216
Lum and Abner Operate Pine Ridge Matrimonia January 18, 1935
Matrimonial Bureau Swamped by Mail from All January 21, 1935
Matrimonial Bureau Will Move January 23, 1935
Telegram from Hortense January 24, 1935
Lum and Abner Sell an Oil Well to Mr Carter January 4, 1935
Abner - Fake Broken Arms January 31, 1935
Business with William Horlick February 4, 1935
Mail for Matrimonial Bureau February 5, 1935
Lum is Very Nervous February 11, 1935
Lum Arrested and Jailed February 12, 1935
Restocking of Store February 18, 1935
Lum out of Jail February 13, 1935
Insurance Company Pays Off February 8, 1935
Squire Skimp is President of Southwest Oil January 7, 1935
Election for President February 6, 1935
Squire Receives Visit from Southern Pipelin January 8, 1935
Abner to Railroad Depot January 25, 1935
Abner's Phony Broken Arms February 7, 1935
Abner Hires Cedric February 15, 1935
Pine Ridge Oil Boom Over January 9, 1935
Lum and Abner Read Matrimonial Bureau Mail January 22, 1935
Lizabeth and Hortense January 30, 1935
Jot 'em Down to Reopen February 1, 1935
Lum Has Lead in Election February 14, 1935

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